Fifteens 5k: What happens when you least expect it….

Heads up… I have been hired as a contributing blogger for the Red Current… this is pretty exciting for me… I feel honored that someone likes my writing enough to hire me….
That being said… most of what I post on here will also be on there as well.. just so you know :)

I have to start with a confession…

I was a little worried about Fifteen’s 5k this year. Not because we weren’t going to have enough mascots or players, and not because we were unprepared, but I was nervous because of the All-Star Game. You might be wondering how something that took place nearly a month earlier could make me nervous….


When a city has the honor of hosting the All-Star Game MLB makes them also host a 5k…and this was bad news for us. Ironically the All-Star Game was not a bad thing for our family of course (that’s a whole other blog) but it could be bad for business when it came to Fifteens 5k.

I worried that if people had to choose monetarily between our 5k and the All-Star Game one that they would pick the All-Star one since it only happens once every 30 or so years….Though ours was clearly better ☺

I fretted for months about it, hoping we could turn out the same number as last year…and then as if I wasn’t stressed enough, rain threatened to derail our usually sunny 5k.

Fifteens 5k

But a funny thing happened….

Not only did it not rain, and not only did we have the same amount of runners, but somewhere along the way you all inspired me when I had actually set up the race to inspire you. I wanted to entice people who otherwise wouldn’t run to get out there…so I baited you with access to Target Field, and player appearances. What I didn’t expect was to be reeled in by you all.

Fifteens 5k

Running is a funny thing because they say we were made to do it, but that doesn’t mean it comes easy….not even for those of us who do it all the time…but each and every one of you pushing your limits and breaking down barriers on Sunday reminded me why we all need to be active. Thank you for reminding me why we do this. Thank you for giving part of yourselves for something bigger.

Thank you to the runners, volunteers, cheerleaders, mascots, sponsors, vendors, players, media, staff and fans.

You came in from South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa and all parts of Minnesota, all walks of life….male, female, young, old, heavy, thin, in wheelchairs, on shoulders, and holding hands. You ran by, smiled and high-fived me, but what you didn’t know was that you were touching my soul and changing my life as you did it.

You came out for a cause and I hope you left with a purpose.


~Alisha Perkins

The one in the box…

I felt a lot of pressure when it came to this posting… it had been such a long time and I felt like I couldn’t blog again until I had something really good to say…. and thats when it hit me…. the pressure…. the pressure that we put on ourselves…. and the boxes that we put ourselves into…. as moms, as wives, as people, and as runners.

This occurred to me out on one of my recent long runs… I had to take a few weeks off for personal reasons after christmas and just started running again in Feb. I have been working my way up to running the Minneapolis Marathon again (and it hasnt been easy) and hopefully this time qualifying for Boston. To be honest- I can’t even believe that I just told you that…. that in and of itself is outside my box. You see… I can’t ever do something half ass…. if I say I am going to do something and then it doesn’t happen I beat myself up and feel as though I let others down… so-letting you in on my secret… on my hope…. is huge for me- it is my first step outside my box. 

So I got my cousin- Bekah Metzdorff (owner of Mill City Running- the amazing running store in Minneapolis that you MAY have seen my hubby rocking their cozy sweatshirts) to write me a training plan because aside from owning a great store she is also a running coach. So I embarked on the journey to another marathon…. Bekah gave me times I should be hitting in order to be able to run a boston qulaitifying time and at first I was not hitting them… and to be quite honest I am not sure if I will… but when I started to get wrapped up in it and focused on the fact that I was not able to do what I was supposed to do thats when she reminded me that in running if you are too focused on time, distance, or whatever and you lose the fun…. it becomes a chore and you will grow to hate it.

I realized that I do this a lot in life… I put myself in a box and think I cannot be anything outside of the box…. I am a runner so I need to run several times a week…. I dress sporty so I cannot be a fashionista…. I don’t wear much makeup so I cannot put eyeliner on….. I wear running shoes and toms most of the time so I cannot wear heels… I am a mom so I cannot have tattoos….. I  don’t eat dairy to gluten so I can never cheat……. and the ridiculous thing about it is that we all do it… think others think of us one way and if we stray from that then what will they think? 

The answer is who cares? I feel like it has taken me way too long to get to that answer…. who cares….. you are who you are and even though you may be something most of the time, you can step outside and be something else at other times. So I am going to be a fashionista, wear heels, put on eyeliner, get tattoos (that the hubby approves :) and run when I want…. because in life as in running- if you over think it and put too much pressure on it then it loses the fun and who wants that?

So Boston 2015? I hope so…. I am going to do my damnedest but in the mean time I am going to try to have fun….and I won’t put myself into a box anymore… 

Distance: going to bed because I have to run 13 miles tomorrow!

Song: “The Monster”- Eminem and Rihanna

Quote: “Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit”



The family on St. Patricks day….

The one with the tenant….

“When it comes to your body- don’t be a blind and deaf tenant”

I have tried for the last year or so to do my best to abide by this quote…it has been a long and tough process but it is truly amazing what your body will tell you if you are willing to listen. In the spirit of listening to your body I took a break from writing this blog…. not because I did not like it but simply because it felt like “one more thing to do”… and my list of things to do was seemingly always long… its been a busy fall/winter and I needed to let some things go in order to survive and not go absolute bananas (trust me I’m half way there)….so even though I didn’t want to I gave up this blog and other things in order to get my ducks in a row. Sorry for my absence… I can’t promise how often I will write but I will for sure let you know when I do.

Looking back over this last year or so it is amazing the things that I have learned about myself just by listening….

1. Dairy intolerance- yes granted  I found this out via a blood test but since finding out it has been amazing the difference that it has made in my life

2. Giving up Gluten- after we found out that the girls were Gluten Intolerant I gave it up too so they would not have to watch me eat it in front of them… and to be honest I feel so much better off it.

3. Therapy- I have seen an amazing therapist for a few years now but I will say it was life changing for me. I am very type A and wound a little too tight and she helps me see the things about myself that I may not otherwise be aware of and then I can work to change. I think EVERYONE could benefit from a good therapist :)

4. Running- speaking of being wound too tight…I have learned that running is more than a way to stay in shape for me…. it’s a mental release. I have way too much adrenaline and anxiety in my body and if I go too long without running and releasing it then I start to get in my own head. I feel it when I don’t run…. weirdly though it is not in my body but in my head…

5. Relaxing- I also learned how important it is to listen to you body when it is done…. if you really don’t feel like running that day…. don’t… and don’t feel guilty about it. It is just as important to take days off for yourself…. this is the VERY HARDEST thing for me to do…. to let go and relax….

6. Wine- every time I drink wine (which I love) my sinuses inflame and I wake up the next day congested. Weirdly enough- one of my friends mentioned that she read that wine contains histamines…so I did a little research and found an all natural Anti-Hist that I take before bed after I have had a glass of wine or 2… and I wake up with no congestion!

Those are just a few that come to mind off the top of my head….

As we near the end of the year and look forward to 2014 are there things that your body is telling you that you are ignoring?

Try to look for ways to better your body and better your life…. it’s a constant search of mine… I work every day to better myself and hopefully others around me….


On Newport Beach…. running and getting away :)

The one with the shaman…


Well well well…. where does the time go? To be honest I have no idea where this summer went… I cannot believe school starts in less than 3 weeks!! So where have I been?? Well…. we were blessed to get to go out to the 2013 All Star game and watch Glen participate… no he did not pitch but it was amazing none the less. The girls and I went out a little early since the Twins were playing the Yankees and took in all the tourist sites of NYC before the chaos of the all star days set upon us. It was HOT, busy, at times stressful, but also a lot of fun and an amazing experience one we hope to get to do again here next year at Target field! :) We got home for 3 days and then headed to LA and Seattle with Glen again…. had a blast but were happy to finally be home after it all. And you may ask was I running during this time???/ And the answer unfortunately was no…..

After countless PT sessions, iontiophoresis, chiropractic, acupuncture, Dr’s at Tria and the Mayo clinic….I was 8 weeks out from the last time I ran and was no closer to getting back to it…. then I finally found the guy who is helping me to run again…. His name is Travis McCathie… he is an ART therapist and my cousins call him “The Shaman”… and for good reason I am finding out. Only 2 or so weeks after seeing him and him “beating me up” I was able to start running again…. slow and only in fartleks but running none the less. I have been slowly working my way up and have now been given clearance to run 20 minutes straight… I keep waiting for my knee to hurt and so far it has been ok.. it is strange actually… for the last almost 10 weeks I have not been able to run and instead seen a ton of people trying to help and now finally I can just wake up and go for a run… honestly it feels strange…. I guess it reminds you not to take anything for granted.

My shoulder after seeing Travis...

My shoulder after seeing Travis…

I am headed off to Vancouver this weekend where i was supposed to run the Lululemon half marathon with my bestie but instead she will be running and I rented a bike to bike and meet her at miles 3,6,9, and 12 to run with her for a bit. I am sure it will be a challenge mentally because I will so want to run  (and ps I HATE BIKING) but  as much as I want to just go run it I am going to refrain and work back up the right way.

It has been really challenging for me not to run and hard on my family as well since I go crazy when I can’t run… here hoping that I am going to be injury free for a long time after this…. since I can start running now hopefully life will settle back down for me… as Glen said before he left “now that you can run maybe you will be sane when I get back… “

Song: “Blurred lines” – Robin Thicke

Distance: Did you not read the blog?
Quote: “Let your past make you better, not bitter”


The one where I go 26.2….

Here we are… a week removed from my very first marathon…. yep- you read that right…. I finally did it! I am no longer a marathon virgin! Overall the experience went well… minus the knee pain that kicked in at mile 2 :( but needless to say I battled through and was able to finish the race- thanks in large part to my cousin Bekah Metzdorf who ran with me for the last 9 miles and kept me moving when all I wanted to do was stop… and to all those who came out and cheered!! I was so humbled to see how many people recognized what a big deal this was for me and wanted to support me… I was very moved by each and every one of you and to be honest – you all kept me going… I wish I could describe in words what it meant to see you all. You moved me and I will never forget each of you that took the time our of your lives to be a part of such an important piece of mine!


I finished in 4:01…. had hoped to be at 4 hours or under but am ok with 4:01…. I did stop once (and only once the whole time) to go to the bathroom so I figure that’s where my extra minute came in and I am ok with that. :) I am honestly just thrilled that I was able to do it at all… with the hamstring and glute injury I was not sure that I was going to be able to run it at all….


I sit here now at Mill City Running in Minneapolis for the Fifteens 5k run training group that I am supposed to be out on but I cannot go… sadly during the marathon I developed IT band tendonitis and a potential stress fracture in my left foot. :( I knew marathons were hard on your body but did not expect that. So I am not able to run for a few weeks- which is probably good for me…..but is also killing me. I miss it when I cannot do it. Here’s hoping with some physical therapy, rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories that I am running again in no time…. especially since I am signed up to do the tough mudder in July with my family…

To commemorate one of the biggest accomplishments I have ever achieved and something a very small percentage of the population can say they have done…  I got my tattoo… literally 3 hours after I finished the race- I figured if I was going to be in pain- might as well get it all done in one day…. and the hubs even likes it :) Oddly enough it ends up being right over the area where the stress fracture is… guess that makes the tattoo story even better….


p.s. registration is open for Fifteens 5k…. sign up and finish the race on home plate at target field! We guarantee a good time!


Song: My fav during the marathon was “clarity” by Zedd

Distance: 26.2 baby!!!!

Quote: “The number of “followers” you have does not make you better than any one else. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12″


The one with the lazy a*s….


Here we are…. spring(or something)…. back from sunny FL and now in a winter mess in MN…. I came dangerously close to pulling out my patio furniture this weekend… thank God I got too busy otherwise I would be brushing snow off of it… snow… in April…. really?!

Anyways…. things have been interesting around here…. first I have my first anniversary of my 29th birthday at the end of March… yep thats right… I am no longer in my 20’s…. to be honest I didn’t think it would bug me but it did ever so slightly…. does that make me vain… maybe… but I am just being honest. 

Next- while training for my first marathon I developed an injury- piriformis syndrome and strained my gluteus medius (she also informed me I have a lazy gluteus maximus….a lazy ass? Lady- have you met me?) …. and as my husband can attest I do not do well on the DL…. so it has been a long couple weeks… I hadn’t been able to run and that makes me crazy…. no I am serious…. CRAZY! I have been biking but lets be honest… every runner doesn’t like biking…. and I am sure bikers don’t like running…. but I have been gritting my teeth through it. I was finally given the a-ok to run again last Friday and it has been a slow return but a return no less…. feeling pretty good- most of the injury healed with a good chiropractic adjustment which straightened out my hips and allowed my muscles to move back into their rightful places… oh and some good anti-inflammatories. :) Here’s hoping it doesn’t come back and I can continue getting ready for this marathon…. that I just might be running in the snow…. in June…..

The one with bobcats, eagles, and scares…oh my!

ImageFresh off our trip to follow the hubby while he played for Team USA…We took the kiddos to see “OZ- the great and powerful” yesterday and it got me thinking about my “yellow brick road” to the marathon…. in my time down in Florida we have been incredibly busy but somehow I have been able to increase my mileage up to 18 miles… my longest run so far. We have been to Fort Myers, AZ, Miami, and back again and along the way I have had a few interesting things happen…. in Fort Myers while on my first mileage increase to 14…. running with my bestie we had a bobcat cross our path…. gotta be honest… we sped up for the next mile or so constantly looking back… that definitely does not happen in MN. Next while increasing to 16 miles while on a treadmill in AZ I learned to love the “blonde bond”… I have to admit- I am not a “shoot ‘em up, crazy car chase” movie kind of gal but I do love me some Bond… I loved Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan but when they said the new bond would be blonde… I was not on board- so I boycotted the movies…. but out of curiosity and a need to kill 2 hours while I ran I gave in and watched “Skyfall”, which then lead me to watch “Casino Royale”… and I have to admit- while he may not be as suave as Pierce- he is a good bond and I am hooked again. Finally while on my most recent increase (and farthest distance ever) to 18 miles- my mom was kind enough to bike along next to me when I was not engrossed in listening to R.A. Dickeys book on my ipod… when out of no where we spot a bald eagle in a tree… a rare site in Florida. So I have to admit- the few few mileageincreases have been interesting…. I only have 2 more increases…. 20 miles… and 22 miles before the full marathon and I am excited to see what they bring. As far as how its going…. I still have all my toenails (though I do have a few new calluses) and so far it has been challenging but not gut-wrenching so I think that it is as good as it gets when training to push your body to its limits.

Distance: 7 miles- 59 mins

Song: Been listening to R.A. Dickeys book- “Where ever I wind up“- AMAZING read!

Quote: “You can do anything… but not everything”

The one with the tattoo…

ImageWe are here…. settled in and enjoying the sunshine in good ole Fort Myers. It is hard to believe that this is our 8th spring training! Glen is good… arm is great… feels ready to go. We will only be in FL for about 2 more weeks before we head out to AZ, then Miami, and hopefully San Fran for the World Baseball Classic. Glen was honored to be asked to play for Team USA and we are excited to tag along an be a part of all of it. It will be a lot of travel but I am hoping it will be worth it!

I spent the morning looking up fonts for my new tattoo… yep…. I am getting another tattoo (much to my husbands schgrin) but not until June. To be honest I LOVE tattoos and would probably have sleeves if Glen would let me. I find them so fascinating… they tell your story with you saying a word. But since my hubby is a bit of a conservative when it comes to that stuff I am stuck compromising on every tattoo I get (which I lose so I dont get any more)… but this one is a BIG DEAL to me. I will be getting it after I complete my first full marathon in June. To be honest- running a full marathon has been on my bucket list since I was like 14… I have been fascinated with pushing your body past its breaking point. I know for a lot of family and friends and a few of you reading this- you have already done one and think this is silly but for me this is big…. and I am going to forever remember the one thing that has always been on my bucket list… now I just have to pick a font :)

So thats my big news… June 2nd I will be running the Minneapolis Marathon and I am going to need all the fans I can get…. so PLEASE come out and cheer!! It would be amazing!!

In the mean time I am getting used to running in the extreme humidity…. its been tough… especially when I have spent the last 4-5 months running in my nice 60 degree basement with the window open and a fan blowing on me…. making it a nice 45-50 degrees while I watched my shows… sometimes to be honest… I kind of miss the treadmill :) But I barrel on… working my way up to longer runs in preparation for the Marathon….. still can’t believe I am actually going to finally do it ;)

Distance: Today is my off day because yesterday I ran 12 miles (with the help of my cousin)

Song: “Va Va Voom” Nicky Minja

Quote: “Don’t judge others just becuase they sin differently than you”

The one where we count it down….

ImageHere we are… on the eve of a new year… 2013… and just like everyone else I think that the end of each year is a time to reflect, thank, question, and hope…. so let’s do it…


2012 was a great year for my family and I. Glen had an exciting and injury free year. Addie started “real school”- Kindergarten and is growing in God everyday. Lyla also started at a “real school” this year and is trying so hard to do everything her older sister can.. and sometimes can do it better. :) As for me… I started to take running more serious but also realized how fun it can be… I dropped time in almost every race… I ran races for amazing people and awesome causes, and I also started yoga and barre which have not only changed my body but also my life. Thanks to my crazy passion for running we started Fifteens 5k this year and it was an amazing success and raised over $18,000 for Cystic Fibrosis… we will be back in 2013 with some exciting new announcements (as if we can do any better than Mauer showing up last year :) ) stay tuned…… Jan.7 is the BIG announcement!


First and foremost I am thankful to a God that loves, forgives, encourages, supports, provides, challenges, and is sovereign. Second- I am thankful for this amazing family that God has blessed me with. My awesome husband, darling and healthy girls, amazing parents and brothers, and sweet “girlfriend in law” :), and my kind in-laws. Third- my friends… I am not a person who needs a lot of friends and I take who I let close to me very seriously so I am thankful to those who stick with me and my craziness… and there are those few (and you know who you are) that are more than friends- they are like sisters and I love you to pieces. Fourth- I am thankful for health- Glen’s- as it pertains to baseball, mine with running, and the girls in general. We have been really blessed. And lastly for now- I am thankful for running- it has created an outlet for me and helped me to look inward as well in a way that nothing else has.


So many things I wonder in the new year…

1. how long does it take to get used to these irritating contacts?

2. when do you know if you are done having kids? what does that feeling feel like?

3. should we get the kids a puppy?

4. has checking facebook and twitter just become a reflex? do I even care?

5. do the people that I love always know it?

And the list could go on and on….. hopefully I find some answers in 2013

Lastly… my Hope for 2013…

I hope to be able to run at least a mile everyday! watch me do it on twitter...

I hope to run a FULL marathon

I hope to let go of the worry

I hope to not care as much about what others think

I hope to spend more time with God

I hope that Glen has a banner year :)

I hope that my kids continue their walk in faith and grow as Gods children

I hope that Fifteens 5k is even more successful

I hope to encourage others to better their lives through running and other fitness.

I hope you all have a magical 2013~!


Distance: Didn’t run today- its my last day off for a year! :) I did however drag my mom and some friends to barre this morning :)

Song: I am obsessed with “scream and shout” by & Brittany

Quote: “We met for a reason- you are either a blessing or a lesson”